WaTcHiM Secure Gates & Bars Home-WaTcHiM CCTV & Security

WaTcHiM Secure Gates & Bars Home-WaTcHiM CCTV & Security

WaTcHiM CCTV & Security

Access Control

Home Automation
We supply and install electronic devices and switches with internet access for controlling gate/garage access, geyser control, room temperature and pool pump control, all accessible from your smart phone.
Remote Control
Phone App/Remote Internet
Stricker Lock
Biometric (Finger Print)
Gate Automation (Gate Motor)

Video Surveillance

Phone App/Remote Internet

IP Networks

Cabling CAT5e/CAT6
Network Technician
Network Administration
Patch Panels
Server Rooms


Welcome to our website!

 This website is aimed to help you make an easy, informed, effective, and aesthetically pleasing decision on our quality products and services for your secure security requirements.

What we do

We excel in designing and installing high quality Security Systems. Be it automated electronic Access Control, Gate Motor, Intercom, CCTV Video Surveillance, Wireless or IP Networks as well as fabricated Steel Gates & Bars.

Our dedicated team will help you make the right decisions to ensure that technology works for you all the time. Offering our clients a one stop complete security solutionfor commercial, industrial and retail properties.

Our galvanized products are HOT DIP GALVANIZED and not electro-galvanized to ensure your product has a maximum life.


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