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Pedestrian Sliding Gates

Our sliding gates are fabricated with a square tube reinforced gate frame, two 100 mm gate roller hangers, gate guide roller, an ultra lock that locks into the reinforced frame and a 30 x 6 mm cover plate down the entire locking side to prevent tampering.

The internal bars are spaced approximately 120 mm apart of which we have a variety of aesthetically pleasing internal inlay details or internal vertical bar options typically spaced approximately 140 mm apart and in the bottom section one can have additional pet bar verticals welded between the internal verticals approximately 70 mm apart. The bars of the gate align with the bars of the frame when the gate is open so there is no cluttered look.


Arched Bowline Sliding

Suspended hanger wheels, no track across floor.

Twists, Collars and Baskets

Suspended hanger wheels, no track across floor.

Standard Shop Front

Stainless Steel Ocean View

We install your sliding gate inside the masonry reveal between the fixed gate frame and the sliding door with 75 x 8 mm counter sunk bolts to ensure it cannot be forced open

We manufacture our gates in such a way as to easily operate the sliding door through the gate centre even when gate is locked without any annoying track along the floor.

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